Improving Mental Toughness

Mentally tough business people and athletes separate themselves from the pack with their quick thinking under pressure and their ability to control their ideal ‘zone’. But did you know that mental toughness is a quality that can be taught and enhanced? First, lets define what mental toughness is!

Mental toughness is one’s ability to perform at their best regardless of the circumstances. That’s it. A simple definition for a term that so many struggle to understand. From this definition we can start to understand how a person can improve their mental toughness skills and enhance these qualities:

  • Confidence
  • Challenged Response vs Fear
  • Relaxed and Calm Internal State
  • Energized with Positive Emotions
  • Automatic Alertness

Mentally tough people feel negative emotions, but are quick to change these emotions into something positive by using Performance Skills. Disciplined thinking is at the core of these skills. Imagery skills, the ability to visualize the most successful outcome of a task, is another. Acting skills are perhaps the most vital. While there is no truth to the ‘fake it til you make it’ saying, you can pose and act in the manner that you wish to feel.

Scientist Dr. Jim Loehr has studied athletes and corporate executives for many decades. His research concludes that utilizing skilled acting reverse negative thoughts and feelings. He states people should not feel the way they act, but ACT the way they want to feel.

Emotional responses are a huge key. When your emotions are off, your mental game is influenced. You can also have physical consequences. Learning how to control your emotions through disciplined thinking, acting skills and breathing techniques make a difference. But PRACTICE is essential to controlling your emotions and preventing too much fear from undermining your hard work.

Factors of success for mentally tough individuals include good physical fitness, strong diets with consistent control of blood sugar levels, mental flexibility trained by practice via meditation or yoga, and strong breathing techniques. Even practicing your best smiles can have an effect on the direction your energy flow moves when under duress!

As a former NFL and NCAA athlete and business owner, I’ve been fortunate to employ many of these strategies over the past 25 years. They work! And we could all use a little more mental toughness these days! If you have any questions please contact me at

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Discover ‘What’s Next?’: The Power of Continual Intention!

When you’re extremely present and task oriented you get more accomplished. When you get more accomplished you have to move on to bigger and better things. Think of it like you’re playing a game. Let’s say you’re a basketball player competing in a game right now! You’ve had a decent game so far and your team is now playing in the 2nd half. The score is tied. The team counts on you to be a reliable scorer who is known for their defense-first attitude and rebounding. There is ten minutes to go in the game. You cut to the hoop and are open and your teammates get you the ball with a nice pass. The leather hits your hands and you’re going up for an easy basket. But the shot rims out. It misses! 

You did nine things right out of ten. Your teammates executed also. And the shot didn’t go in. What’s the key piece in that last sequence of events. That the shot was missed? That it was well executed overall? That it was a tie score? 

Nope. What is important about what happened is that it’s in the past tense. It HAPPENED. There’s nothing you can do about it. What if you HAD made the shot? It would have felt good to make the shot but it too would be in the past. What’s important? WHAT’S NEXT

Remember, your team relies on you to play DEFENSE! Guess what – it’s time to play defense and get the ball back so you may try and score again! Your team also counts on you to grab rebounds! Maybe you get the next rebound on defense or offense and it leads to points for your team? If you’re focussed on missing that shot, you probably won’t play as well at those other things either.

After you forget about your ‘what’s next’ you let momentum slip away with every passing moment. Next stop: coach subs you out!

Not every shot you take will find its mark like this one, but being dialed in on What’s Next will help your organization to regain momentum needed to succeed!

Momentum is a concept used in sport and life to describe the process that I have talked about. What’s next produces more small wins. A series of small wins is what momentum is. When you have a lot of momentum you become very difficult to stop! Your momentum will lead you to great victories. 

When you build momentum you add confidence. More confidence improves your effectiveness. You become unstoppable. In pro sports you become unconscious. In business you become ‘dialed in’. 

As a coach I use the philosophy of ‘what’s next’ at every practice. My practices are designed to simulate games and special situations over and over again. These types of scenarios happen all practice long. Lot’s of success and many failures too. 90 minutes worth (sometimes more and sometimes less.) Your ability to have a great practice is not dependent upon how the practice starts off for you. It’s how you are able to go from one task to another and maintain the same focus throughout. I expect the same mindset in the games.

What’s next‘ is the question I implant into my player’s and client’s minds when times are performing well or not as well. A lot of people say it’s their work ethic that gets the job done, and being a hard worker is important. But being able to move from one success or failure into another opportunity and have your full attention on what’s next is what determines your long term success. 

You dropped a touchdown pass? What’s next? You made a leaping grab? What’s next? You flubbed a business meeting? What’s next? You rocked the presentation! What’s next?

Achieving long term success is not about the one huge win. That’s simply a result of many small wins over time that get you in the position to have a great moment. It may take years to get there. You don’t know. All that’s important to know is that big wins are a result of many small victories along the way. The small victories are possible from going from one task to the next with the same #BGT focus and commitment to giving 100%. 

To own your future you have to be focussed on what you are doing right now. As soon as you accomplish your present task, you have to have a ‘what’s next’ mindset. 

Winning or losing during a game? Momentum is built in consecutive small accomplishments. By going from focussed attention into what’s next seamlessly your organization builds MO!

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The Four R’s of Forgiveness (Part II)

It would have been hard to help lead 10 teams to championships without reshaping the Jaguars narrative! The lacrosse programs at Jacksonville University would have never been started!

Reconciliation and Release were the first two R’s. Now we discover ways to proactively move ahead with our lives.

R3: Reshape your Narrative

When your past rears its ugly head in your present we have a choice as to how we consider it. We can look at it for what it was then, or we can consider the value that it has in our life today. I believe this is accomplished by reshaping your narrative to suit where you want to be today! Here’s how: 

Only Take the GOOD with you for the long haul! Leave the rest.

The Jaguars position was the first job I had ever been fired from. It would not be the last, but that’s the life of a coach. Did you see what I just did there? Coaching is a brutal profession and a beautiful one. It brings you to the highest heights and it can send you to low lows as well. I’ve been on each, from World Champion to completely inept in three years time.

But there are a couple of sayings that I have held dear in my life. One is an old George Allen quote that the “NFL stands for not for long”. It was picked up by Jerry Glanville years later and popularized by an NFL films story about him. Another phrase I learned as a young coach. “There are two types of coaches: those who have been fired and those who are going to be fired.” 

The Legendary George Allen
The Unique Jerry Glanville

Knowing the profession I was in was key to helping me to reshape the past ‘failures’ in my coaching career. The Yellow Brick Road is simply our failures colored in luminous yellow paint! Every tough job circumstance I have ever experienced has served an incredible purpose repackaged to serve my clients today. Why not? 

Reshaping my own narrative has been instrumental in helping benefit others. After the Jaguars let me go I did a consulting job with Bobby April and the Buffalo Bills special teams. We led the NFL in special teams production twice and Bobby was named special teams coach of the year during those years! What I suffered from during the Jaguars experience did not impair my ability to help Bobby achieve greatness, it was instrumental in helping Bobby succeed! Rather than be angry over my firing from the Jaguars, I looked at all we had accomplished: 

  • Top half of the NFL in special teams in the final 8 games of the season
  • Finished Top 6 in punt return and kickoff coverage
  • Retooled the roster with veterans who had been ‘on the street’ or cast away from the rest of the NFL team rosters and became competitive with them
  • Fought through some incredibly adverse circumstances:
    • The General Manager cut 8/10 top special teams players at the end of pre-season, forcing us to revamp all six units a week prior to our opening game against NFC champion Charlotte, the league’s top special teams.
    • Injuries to pro bowlers punter Chris Hanson (Jack’s Axe in the locker room stunt), and returner Jermaine Lewis (Jack’s decision to play him on offense led to him tearing his ACL)
    • The head coach secretly demoted my boss and promoted me (after the team started 0-4), but did not tell the rest of the coaching staff or players causing internal pressures due to the lack of transparent communication and a lot of awkward moments with the team.

That season was perhaps my best work because of the circumstances. But before moving on, it required me to get over any negative experience and reshape my narrative moving forward. I wanted to have a Baltimore Ravens championship narrative!

Providing championship-level help for coach Bobby April was how I reshaped my narrative.

R4: Recharge (or Repower)

Unlike the previous three R’s for forgiveness, recharge is reliant upon the other three in order to exist. When you reconcile, release and reshape your past you recharge your past in a way that allows you to energize your present and build off of your past. It’s a lot like repowering an old boat: you get all the benefits that the hull and equipment have to offer with a brand new engine to run on! No more going back to the repair shop every time something in the old, gunked up engine goes bad on you! You’re free to proceed to your next destination and your ride just got a lot quieter because you eliminated all the objects that were causing the noise in your engine room!  You’re recharged!

A couple years following my stint with the Buffalo Bills, the Jacksonville University President Kerry Romesberg and Athletic Director Alan Verlander approached me about starting men’s and women’s lacrosse in what became the first men’s and women’s Division I lacrosse programs in Florida! It was the perfect culmination of reshaping and recharging. I often tell people that had that rough year not taken place with the Jacksonville Jaguars, the Jacksonville Dolphins would not have a successful lacrosse program today!

The Yellowbrick Road has many twists and turns!

Put the 4R’s to work the next time something you regret comes around. Let the power of the 4R’s eliminate the mental trap that a little regret can pose! 

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The Four R’s of Forgiveness

“When we are tired, we are attacked by ideas we conquered long ago.”

Friedrich Nietzsche

In the #BGT method of living and growth, focussing on the present and all of its majesty and brilliance is a key. But there are times when our past creeps up behind us, nagging at our coat tails or infecting our minds with doubt or stinkin’ thinkin’. We are all wired this way. As Nietzsche clearly observed, when we feel tired, or other similar negative feelings like down, glum, or exhausted, past circumstances can assail our consciousness. This can be a huge distraction to our quest to Be Great Today. Here are my first two tips for helping stave off these past intrusions using what I call the 4R’s:

R1: Reconciliation

You can’t beat yourself up about it. You cannot live in it again. Bill and Ted’s time machine won’t do the trick for you and unlike them, our goals are actually to leave the past in the past and not bring “Bob” Genghis Khan and So-crates back to the present!

Reconciliation is a powerful word. It is essentially the idea that you may take the past, all of the good and the bad, and accept it for what it was at the time. Your childhood for instance! When you were a child you thought like a child, you acted like a child and you were in that phase of life just a kid. The phrase “if I could go back and do it again” is often used to describe how we learned so much since the time we made a mistake in the past. Graduates write “Dear 18 year old me” letters to address this issue. As if the advice they have today could help the person they were in the past.

It cannot.

Reconcile your past today. What we learned from all of our past experiences serves us in the moment we are in right now. So why let it bother you? Take what the past has taught you, all of the highs and the lows, and write yourself a note like this “Dear Me of Today: Focus on Today because it makes all of the past heartbreaks and accomplishments worth it!” 

R2: Release

In college I had a coach who was very hard on me. No coach had ever spoken to me in such harsh, or derogatory terms. Needless to say I did not like his approach. After my junior season he was fired by the school administration. Too many like-minded people had gone to them and complained. While I was not one of them, the school VP called a meeting with leaders of the team, I believe there were 12 of us out of the team of 80. He asked us if certain incidents took place. None of us authored up anything outside of the scope of his questions. We had no clue as to why he was calling the meeting. The next day the coach was fired.

The coach lived on campus just a few hundred feet from the dorms. Teammates of mine thoughtlessly posted for sale signs on his lawn. It was pretty heartless. Members who were called into the meeting with the school VP had their names leaked and the coach blamed us for ‘getting him fired’. We had nothing to do with it. 

A bad prank played on my former coach was not compassionate.

A decade later while I was coaching the Jacksonville Jaguars special teams I was called into a meeting with the head coach, Jack Del Rio. He told me that someone was posting on the team message board calling me a “team cancer” who needed to be fired. They traced the IP address to a specific person and it happened to be coming from the new town where my former coach was now living. There were 0 Jags fans around that address and it happened to be in the town of his new school…from his school office. He had really trolled me!

I did my best to explain what had happened to Jack, but it was an uncomfortable chat trying to explain what had happened to this coach and how he had reacted and blamed us, his players, for what had happened.

The story illustrates two examples of why it’s important for us to release people (or experiences) who did us harm in our past in order to move forward with a more promising future and present today! My former coach had never released those whom he believed responsible for his firing ten years prior. While he had moved on to a few subsequent jobs, including another head coaching job, he was not present with them because he was holding hate within his heart and that hate spilled over onto the message boards (remember those?). While it was a temporary inconvenience for me and had a slightly annoying effect on me and Jack Del Rio, it must have zapped his attention from what was truly important. For my old coach, it was impossible to move on and be truly present as he went from job to job.

The second piece of the story was my ability to also move forward and release the initial pain caused by an abusive coach when I was a young man, and the subsequent public trolling attack. Past life experiences separated by ten years of my life! In order for me to move on after the Jaguars to what was next in my life I had to leave the trolling in the past as well. I felt compassion for him because I know it must have been painful to be let go and have the humiliation of the signs posted on the family lawn on campus. I understood why he and his family would be so upset. I released that. I forgave his trolling. It was important in my life to move on from his actions in my life. To release people, let compassion be your dearest friend of the present!

Next week we will finish with our final 2 R’s for the 4R’s of forgiveness! Thanks for reading and if you would like to work with my group of Coaches CLICK HERE. And thanks for noticing the Be Great Today Blog! It’s been ranked in the Top 100 by Feedspot! Check it out by clicking and checking it out!! Until next week, #BGT!

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Bouncing Back Big-time!

Understanding the Process of the Comeback

Have you ever been in a situation where you were dealt with unfairly at work? What about in life? I think everyone’s hand would be raised if asked these questions. The question is not if this has occurred in your life but when was the last time, or when is the next time!

A wise man once said that there are three kinds of trouble: The kind you are coming from; The kind you are headed into; The kind you are in right now!

Therefore the question is not really which trouble you are in, but rather exactly how we handle its effects in our lives. As a college and NFL coach for 25 years I have always imparted this simple truth to my teams: We don’t often control the bad things in life that happen to us, but we do control our reaction to it 100% of the time!

Enter the Super Ball Effect! 

When I was a kid I loved Super Balls! The little rubber balls you could usually get for a quarter in a machine at the grocery store entrance, were a fixture in homes in the 60’s and 70’s. The little suckers were not fan faves of my parents because of the colossal amount of damage one of the tiny objects could do when bounced in my house on the kitchen floor! LOOK OUT! 

How can we be made of 50,000 LBS of compressed energy? Read on!

Super Balls were super FUN for us kids though!

After working through a life change recently I began to consider just how Super Balls work. Originally made by Wham-o toy company, the Super Ball is a marble sized piece of rubber that is tough and resilient yet endlessly elastic and flexible. As small as it is when it gets going it can make a lot of things happen, or do some damage depending on your perspective! I like to look at them as a lot of FUN, so let’s focus on that outlook.

Be Vulcanized!

Originally the Super Ball was not tough enough on the outside and when first made they would often shatter or become badly chipped, losing the shape of the spherical bouncy ball it was meant to be. But through the process of vulcanization and some tweaks to the formula of rubber used, the balls were made to withstand just about anything. I remember having my dad run it over with his car. Not even a crack on the little ball!

First key to managing change in your life is to develop a tough exterior and outlook! We have had negative events and experiences hurt us before. We have survived them all until now. The flames of our past burnouts can vulcanize us to not fear a negative result and to get through the next difficulty we face. Rather than take hard times personally, we can keep our mind focussed on the good things we have going on in our lives and embrace the positivity of change. Especially since we likely can do nothing about it or have a limited response. 

We don’t want to chip off pieces of what make us special just because of a temporary set back. And let’s face it, nearly all trouble is temporary. Take a look at how the ball contorts and reshapes when it hits the hard surface that temporarily smashes it and then soon after it’s back to its perfect shape.

Write down five times in your life that you have been vulcanized or toughened by your setbacks or disadvantages! Remember, calm seas don’t make good sailors! 

1._____________ 2. ____________ 3. ______________ 4.___________ 5.____________

A New Way to See Flexibility

Next we need to take a cue from the elasticity inside of us and inside of the Super Ball! A Super Ball’s elasticity is created by the dynamic formula of rubber used in creating the tiny objects. The rubber allows for what scientists call a high ‘coefficient of restitution’. While I am more of a quant than a scientist, the easy way to describe what a coefficient of restitution is would be this: 

If you drop a super ball at shoulder height, it recovers about 92% of its original height on the first bounce back. Nearly as high as where it was dropped from. Under normal circumstances a Super Ball will bounce many times and recover more than its height of inches originally dropped with each subsequent bounce. Drop a Super Ball from five feet and it will bounce a combined 95 feet!

For us our coefficient of restitution is our internal attitude about life. If we see life as hopeful and full of multiple opportunities we become very elastic when we fall and hit something hard. Here are four ways that we can remain more hopeful when tough times are approaching (and they always are approaching):

  1. Read positive things and good stories – focus on the good that people do
    • Don’t watch a lot of TV news – it’s nearly all bad news
    • Snooze Twitter – one of the most obvious sources of modern day derision and division
  2. Call your friends and family members who are upbeat or helpful people
    • Avoid cantankerous folks
  3. Do something good for someone near you even if you are not feeling the love
    • Give 100% of whatever you have to give while serving
  4. Pray and meditate for good things to happen in your life

What do the tough, vulcanized shell and the amazingly elastic material all shaped into a ball do? Well the results are quite astounding! Super Balls when thrown onto the ground explode to incredible heights. If you release one from five feet high but throw it down hard, the ball bounces as high as 35 feet high! Each subsequent bounce is 92% of that height until gradually the ball returns to rolling on the ground. The greater the downward force on the ball the higher the ball flies after striking rock bottom. 

We know that everyone faces challenges. When we have hope-skills like the four suggested here, you are able to rebound higher, faster than people who do not. 

Move in new and exciting ways

But the Super Ball is not done yet! When it hits the ground after the initial impact, each time it strikes the ground the ball naturally pivots and bounces in a completely new and different direction! We call that pivoting in our lives. And we cannot be afraid of pivoting and taking advantage of other opportunities in life. We, like a Super Ball, can be very flexible as we leave the ground each time!

Back in April it came to my attention that I needed a career change. During the lockdowns my family had several challenges that occurred while we were enjoying life together at home. It meant that in order to facilitate the growth and upward trajectory of our family we would need to make an adjustment. A pivot. And we needed to use the energy (positive and negative) from our circumstances to make it happen. While the Super Ball constantly changes direction with each bounce, here are four ways we can pivot when we are impacted by striking bottom:

  1. Consider your skill sets. You have many. Jot down ten personal and professional skill sets and interests that you have
    • Each skill set represents a potential opportunity zone to explore
  2. Take some time to be quiet
    • You can have a lot of things come to you when you meditate. These thoughts are often the clearest pathways to follow, or deep concerns that can be addressed after your meditation
  3. Talk to mentors in your life who can listen to you
    • Make sure to always keep a small list of mentors handy
    • Mentors don’t cease mentoring you until they pass on
  4. Listen to your mentors. Let them talk. The more they talk the better. Do not interrupt a mentor. Focus on their advice. Some you may not use, but it does not take much good advise to make a colossal shift

Pivoting skills make life interesting and exciting! 

We all face hard times at work, at home and sometimes in our health. Following the example of the Super Ball can provide you with the ability to:

  • Be Vulcanized by the impact of your past setbacks to keep strong on impact!
  • Be Elastic with a hopeful and opportunistic attitude on the inside to bounce higher!
  • Be Flexible to pivot as many times as necessary to move past adversity!

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100% of What You’ve Got

Perfection Is Not Possible. Giving Your Best Is.

Sometimes it’s not easy to give your 100%. That’s alright. Let me share a personal story to explain why!

Have you ever experienced so much physical pain that you could not bring yourself to talk? That’s the pain I experienced the morning after a difficult surgery and a very rocky night in the hospital. After pulling some tubes from my body my nurse wanted to get me up out of bed for an early morning walk. She asked me what my pain was on a scale of 1-10, 10 being the greatest.

I nodded. It was the best I could do.

That was about all I could do. I whispered “10” in a faint voice. I had no idea why I was in so much pain. I had bags of fluid coming in. I was taken care of, so I thought. But before I could get out of bed, and leave the hospital as planned just a few hours later, I needed to walk on my own around the ward. Problem was, I couldn’t really talk.

“It doesn’t look like you have had any pain medicine for a long time. Let me see about getting you a Tylenol or something a bit stronger.” my nurse said.

Determined, I sat up and made progress to stand. I did not think I could walk around the ward, but I wanted to stand, even though I was in a ton of pain. My wife Mindy helped me to sit on the side of the bed. She asked me how I felt.

“I think I am at 10% right now.” I replied.

As I rose to my feet I could sense some wobble in my knees. Painful gas from the surgery moved into my shoulders. I stood as tall as I could and I took a step. And then another. And another. Each step I remained focused on the step itself. I did not think about walking around the ward or if and when my pain meds would arrive. ‘Hopefully it would be something stronger than Tylenol’ I thought.

When I made it back to my bed the medicine had arrived. My subsequent walks around the ward were a billion times easier! But the principal I was learning is called the principle of 100%. Always give 100% of what you have to give. My capacity at the time was 10% of what I could normally give, but it was necessary for me to try to give 100% of that small amount of personal fortitude that I could muster at the moment.

Day After Day: Compound Results

Day after day I rose and was strengthened. I was off of the meds as soon as I got home. Well, except for the Tylenol. Day after day I would feel a little better. My goals each day were important. I also had a short term goal to walk my normal routine (3 miles a day) within 2 weeks of surgery. Crushed that one!

Those non-slip socks were really comfy and the Jim Gaffigan NetFlix specials helped my spirits to lift from 10% to higher levels during my recovery!

Sometimes you feel sick. You may have a blue moment in life. We all do. Life may cause you to have a lower threshold of performance than would be your ideal performance state. In these instances it is crucial that you give 100% of what you can in the moment. Do not consider the outcome. Don’t focus on how you got to that low. Stay in the moment. If you do, the best result possible will await you and that is what we should be shooting for in any results we attain: the best result possible.

Daily #BGT goals lead to achieving your short term goals. Next Monday I will explain how to manage your short term goals as a part of the Be Great Today philosophy! If you enjoy hearing about my philosophy HMU at Find out more about Life Coaching and why everyone needs a coach!

Happy Monday!

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Five Reasons You Need an Executive Coach NOW

Leaders in all organizations face hurdles. Executives in for and non-profit businesses often face barriers to upward mobility and managing dilemmas alike. An executive coach is someone with leadership skills who has no political interest and who only benefits from helping you to achieve your goals. Their confidentiality is key to enabling you to overcome your own self-limiting beliefs while you confront your work environment.

Mentors are eternal! Coaches are mentors who have one purpose: Your Success! Equipping yourself with an executive coach will lead to more success, satisfaction and significance! Bo Kimble, Jon Gordon, Jim Hart and I are pictured.

Leaders need executive coaches for many reasons, one of which is leadership development and skills needed from middle management all the way to the C-Suite! Executive coaches serve their clients as mentors, spirit animals, guides, and confidants. Many large organizations mandate these coaches to help grow their junior executive pool, but these coaches are also available, and indeed crucial, for a small business executive’s success as well. Consider these FIVE reasons why:

Reason #1: Clarity from an Unbiased Perspective

Leaders can become so familiar with how they do their jobs that they have no idea what the perspective of those around them may be. They may develop habits that are difficult for them to understand or thought processes that impede their growth. Understanding themselves and how they are truly impacting their environment is a starting point. 

Executive coaches facilitate feedback that eliminates limiting beliefs that stem from habits that are not congruent with the trajectory of the client’s goals. So many people go through life with blinders on. Consider an executive coach the positive influence on your life who can hold you accountable without consequence. The only movement therefore is up!

Reason #2: Advantage YOU!

When YOU have the executive coach in your life you hold the advantage. You become a team with your coach and therefore have the opportunity to develop more strengths than those around you. You may have the passion but not the proficiency needed to achieve your goals. An executive coach teams up with you to allow core competencies to be developed which lead to success. 

Your ability to navigate complex situations in the office, at home, or striking a delicate balance between the two is augmented with the assistance of a crucial team member: the executive coach who is on your side working on your plan forward.

Handling storms and keeping your leadership moving forward are specialties of executive coaches. The power of two working to achieve your goals is powerful!

Reason #3: Increase Confidence

The goal of an executive coach is to bring out the best in a leader. One important method employed by a coach is to identify your inherent strengths and weaknesses and map a plan for complete life control. When you gain control over your core competencies and your inner self, you gain confidence. The adage is that competence leads to confidence! As you begin to receive the validation a coach provides you gain the confidence you need to rise to your highest level as a leader. 

Confidence is a quality that is readily sensed by those around you. There is no such thing as “fake it ‘til you make it”. You cannot fake outstanding confidence when the pressure is on. Confidence comes from the inside out. Coaches know how to help you to bring forth the strongest version of yourself!

Reason #4: Support and Accountability = More Goal Achievement

What types of support do you need? Coaches provide emotional, strategic, mental skills, and goal-planning support that leaders need to achieve their loftiest goals. Support is important, and in the C-Suite it’s not offered! Your personal executive coach is support you can trust and rely upon. Moreover, a coach provides an important measure of accountability in your goal planning and achievement, career adjustments, encouragement, and sometimes a resounding “let’s go!” 

You may not always be feeling your best. You can count on your executive coach to provide you with insights and recommendations that keep you moving towards your goals even when you are facing great adversity.

Reason #5: Improving Your Teams and Relationships in the Office and at Home

For a leader, nothing is more important than their relationships. Many leaders are elevated into positions that require team building, program turnaround, and individual connections that can be challenging. Our coaches at Living Well have made a living building and growing strong executive teams and culture. Working with our coaches makes you a positive change maker.

As your relationships and obligations expand in the office, they need not compromise your family life and goals! Executive coaches from Living Well empower you to live your best life by connecting with those you love at home first. Your colleagues and family will notice the empowering shifts that allow you to balance priorities and lead a life of integrity in all ways. Nothing is more important than a leader’s integrity and consistency.

Executive coaching empowers you. Business and life can create challenges and obstacles that necessitate complex, dynamic, and positive changes. Executive coaches provide build-in support and accountability along with strategies for success that empower you to reach your goals!

Contact me to discuss how executive coaching can help you!

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De-Clutter Your Life Today!

This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is 4031j9.jpg
Back to the Future: Now the most popular meme for describing the incredible present we are presented with.

There are so many worthless things that mire us down with unimportant details that disturb, shock and otherwise depress us.

It doesn’t have to be that way! You have a CHOICE!

The 24 hour feedback loop of junk includes all social media, broadcast and print media and the ever screaming political echo chambers of both sides. We get pumped with information supposed to make us more happy while we have all in fact become much more miserable! Thanks, Twitter Trolls, late night cable hosts, and politicized Facebook “friends”!

Just twenty years ago we might have watched the evening news and read a (one) newspaper. Even without technology the best and brightest of the gilded age of reason struggled to keep it all under wraps. They wouldn’t stand a chance in the digital age!

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Reading Poe on a Kindle after watching Tucker Carlson, reading the New York Times, and responding to the Twitter Trolls might just lead you to Poe’s tragic fate!

The human brain was not meant to be clutter. We are remarkably talented at focusing on one thing or another, but not dozens of inflammatory things all at once. Our complex minds do not leave us feeling fresh and focussed in today’s “garbage in” feedback loop. Rather, anxiety and depression are taking the place of focus and clarity.

What we thought was the truth…well…we just can’t determine what it is anymore! There’s too much crap going on for us to focus on the moment, let alone the future.


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Information can try to bully it’s way into your head space. Don’t let Biff win!

Here are three things you can do right now to help regain clarity in your daily life and refocus on the very bright future you have waiting for you once the clutter clears:

  1. Limit Yourself to One News Source: That includes social media platforms, cable news, or print media. If you want your news from Facebook (I don’t advise that), fine, but for the rest of us click on the upper right hand corner and start “snoozing” the political hacks that appear on your timeline. All of them. Don’t get your news from more than one source.
  2. Don’t allow Twitter Trolls to walk in your mind with their dirty feet. Chances are you have a handful of good friends. Don’t think that you will find good ones on Twitter or other social media platforms. These platforms are being used by clutter monkeys to fill your head space full of their ideas! Follow only people/teams/things that bring you joy. Check in with them once a week. Pay NO mind (space) to the rest!
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Twitter: Where would we be without thee? Probably someplace with a big, fat smile on our increasingly happy faces!

3. Snooze all electronics 2 hours prior to bed time. Buy an old fashioned alarm clock. I mean it! Take your phone to the laundry room and plug it in overnight. The content on TV (or the web for my cord cutting alliance) is NOT going anywhere. Don’t BROWSE the TV. Plan what you want to watch and then turn it off and go to bed. Studies show that people who have the most cumulative screen time also have the most misery.

You will feel better immediately after following these steps. If you fall off the wagon, just do it again. Your future depends on your ability to ‘fast’ excess information (junk) for long periods of time.

Move FORWARD. The future is going to be awesome with more clear minded people like you leading the way! HMU for more strategies!

I’m LivingWell’s Director of Performance and Personal Coaching! HMU at

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YOUR time!

Had a great idea during a pause in your life that has you intrigued? NOW is the time to explore your thoughts! So many great ideas never come to light because they are never expounded upon. Trust me, I’ve been there! I’ve got business and team building ideas every minute of the day and sometimes in the middle of the night!

Idea time is YOUR time to GROW. Unfortunately during times of low activity our little voices in our head work against us. “You can’t do it!” “There’s too much going on right now!” “You don’t have the skill sets!” “You don’t…can’t…won’t…”

DON’T LISTEN TO THAT LITTLE VOICE. Share your amazing ideas with me and lets chart a course to amazing days ahead in your journey!

Our greatest dreams are the ones with the loudest internal objections. Coaching can help you navigate a pathway to your dreams. Your future is worth the investment. Don’t delay the writing of your future story. Start today. Contact me at and let’s get started! The power of compound steps each day is beyond what you think!

Read on for tips on how you can live more efficiently, love more strongly, and engage in the life you’ve always wanted! Your FUTURE is BRIGHT!

No need to live in the past! Time to step into your future!

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